What is Up in The Mix?

Up in the Mix is a hip hop inspired podcast created by Shaughn Richardson and Cesar Lopez where they discuss, argue and generally give their opinions on everything from pop culture to politics.  Joined by Jake Ruana, aka Stat-man, the three interview business owners, artists, musicians, politicians and anyone else they deem interesting or entertaining.  While most guests are local to the Reno, Nevada area from which they hail, they do not limit their scope to local events only, but enjoy discussing anything and everything.

In addition to their podcast Cesar and Shaughn have a weekly hip hop radio show which can be heard every Friday night on 97.7 KWNK from 9 to 11.  You can stream it online via the kwnk website

So check out all the content below, and subscribe via your favorite listening platform or listen directly from the site!